The Necoda Matthew Story

The Mission:

Necoda Matthew is not a brand. I am just one man that takes pride in creating one-of-a-kind products, recycling used clothing, thus making my best attempt to keep our planet alive while offering high quality goods for my friends, family, and supporters. All designs are created on-the-spot and I like to have fun with all different styles to fit all different personalities. I guarantee you will never be spotted matching someone else in any article of Necoda Matthew Custom Clothing as it is not just clothing, but an extension of my imagination and creativity that I even call art.

Necoda Matthew Nealon, The Man with a Plan

"It's a learning experience"

Necoda Matthew Nealon

How I started:

As a business major, and now alumni of Coastal Carolina University, I always wanted to try to run a business and become an entrepreneur. I love fashion and standing out in a crowd. 

While in school, around my junior year, I decided to try and start up a little online store to help people find their very own unique style and be different from the rest. It was a chance to help others express themselves by finding them the clothes they have always wanted, but could never find. This is when I came up with the "Shop Different. Be Different" claim which emphasizes that if you shop where everyone else does, then you're going to look just like everyone else. My store was meant to be a new and different shopping experience that would help others stand out and feel good about their unique look.

Why I started (over):

I was already doing something different then others, but I wanted to do something even more out of the box while having more positive impact on the world and my community. I decided to buy a sewing machine and learn how to sew. Now, I create all my own styles from mixing and matching clothing that I get from second-hand shops in all different places.

It was a win-win because I could make completely original clothes but also use all recycled and up-cycled clothing to then have a positive impact on the planet. 

I now make each shirt individually by hand to express my favorite styles. This is really an opportunity for me to use my imagination and creativity while also putting my business degree to work.

Plans for the future:

The more shirts we keep out of waste dumps and landfills to possibly be burned off into our atmosphere, the better I feel as a business. I also encourage everyone to donate clothing instead of disregarding it other ways at your local goodwill or other place that accepts donations.

In the future, I plan to have options on our store in which you can incorporate your very own clothing you do not wear or use anymore into something brand new that you will love.

As a normal person, just like everyone else, I love to travel and interact with new people. Plans to incorporate that into my actions are in the works so that I can make my platform more interactive and more of a personal exchange.